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Appointments are only made by phone or in person


Meet Our Team

Colin Ditchfield Owner/Tattoo Artist


Colin Ditchfield is the proud owner of Addictive Ink Inc. Colin is proficient in all styles of tattooing and excels in black and grey horror, realism, portrait and large work. Colin has been tattooing for 10 years and opened the studio in Aug 2010. The first 6 years of business the shop was located in 1500sq/ft of space, Colin decided to expand and take over the full upper lever of the building in 2016. the shop is now a huge 5000sq/ft of space! Colin is married to Cass, one of our other artists and his first graduated apprentice at Addictive Ink

Cass Ditchfield/ Tattoo Artist


Cass Ditchfield loves realism art/ portraits and covers ups, large pieces although all of our artists at Addictive Ink can take on pretty much any piece you give them. Cass has been tattooing eight years. Cass and the owner Colin are married and have been working in the studio since Colin opened it in August 2010. Cass is Colin’s first graduated Apprentice. Cass has won multiple awards at the Calgary tattoo and arts festival.

Kailey Regnier/ Tattoo Artist


Kailey Regnier loves watercolour style tattoos, geometric, black work, realism and cover ups and can pretty much take on whatever you throw at her. Kailey has been part of our Addictive Ink family for 5 years and has been tattooing for 4 years now. Kailey is Colin’s second graduated tattoo apprentice.


Ty Howard


Ty is our oldest apprentice. He loves doing anything from bright color pop art all the way to black and grey dark art! Check out his Instagram to follow what he is up to! Ty is accepting walk-ins daily! Call us at the shop to arrange a booking/consultation 

Evan Lemire

Check out his Instagram to follow his progress!

Evan is a good old east coaster from Nova Scotia. The only thing he loves more than tattooing is his adorable son! Check out Evan's Instagram to follow his progress! He is currently accepting walk-ins daily! call the shop to book a time/consult!

Maddie Maniaci


Check out Maddie's Instagram to see more work by her! She is currently accepting walk-ins daily! call the shop to book a time/consult!

Logan Foster Assistant/ Piercer


Logan Foster is the shop assistant and piercer, he has been part of our Addictive Ink family now since February 2016 and has been piercing now 3 years. Logan runs the front end of the shop and is the man to talk to for booking any type of appointment! Logan can take appointments for piercing as well as walk-ins, but it is always good to give the shop a call before coming in for a walk in piercing just in case he is running shop errands! 

Contact (AIRDRIE)

Appointments are only made by phone or in person!

Addictive Ink Tattoo and Piercing

117 Main St NW, Airdrie, Alberta T4B 0R3 Canada

403 948 5518


Open today

10:00 a.m. – 06:00 p.m.

Tuesday to Saturday 10am- 6pm

Saturdays- walk ins (first come first serve)

We post who will be available for Saturday walk-in s every Friday night on our Instagram

Email Us Here


Contact (Calgary)

Appointments are made ONLY by phone or in person!

Addictive Ink Tattoo and Piercing

2475 Pegasus Road NE, Calgary, Alberta T2E, Canada



Open today

10:00 a.m. – 06:00 p.m.

 Tuesday to Saturday 10am- 6pm

Saturdays- walk ins (first come first serve)

We post who will be available for Saturday walk-in s every Friday night on our Instagram

email us here


Frequently Asked Questions

I Want To Get A Tattoo From Addictive Ink Inc. Whats Next?

First off thank you for choosing Addictive Ink! whether you made your way here from a recommendation from a friend, from doing your research, or by stumbling upon our Instagram accounts! 

We always recommend having a look at all the artist portfolios or Instagram (linked under artist section) before choosing the artist you would like to see book a consult with. 

Once you choose who you would like to book with you must CALL the shop to book. From the consultation we can book your appointments.

We do NOT book ANY appointments over email or through Instagram messages.


Consultations them selves are complimentary and give you a chance to sit down with your artist and chat with them directly. However if you wish to book your appointments we will take a deposit and a drawing fee. (please see deposit section for more information). 

We welcome you to bring any reference pictures you may have as it gives the artist a better grasp on what style you are looking for. (we prefer digital images as we will ask you to email them) 


Before we book ANY appointment we requite a minimum deposit of $150. 


The deposit is held on file until the tattoo has been completed and will be deducted from the price on the last appointment date. 

We will also take a drawing fee that goes to the artist for designing your tattoo. This charge may vary on size and complexity of the design. it is of the discretion of the artist to decide the drawing fee. 

Cancellations And Re-Schedule policies

We require a MINIMUM of 24 hours notice of needing to cancel or re-schedule ANY appointment. (if less than 24H notice is given your DEPOSIT WILL BE TAKEN. NO EXCEPTIONS

Cancellations MUST be done over the PHONE. In a situation where you cant get a hold of anyone, a VOICE MESSAGE is acceptable (our voice message are all time stamped so we will know exactly when the message was left). 


What Does "Books Closed" Mean?

It means that at the moment, that artist is unable to accept new projects or consultation. We are currently booking in 3-4 month increments. 

If you would like to be notified when books have re-opened. you may: call the shop and get put on wait list, OR turn on that artists Instagram post notifications and watch for when they make a post saying their books are open.

You may also join our mailing list by calling in and providing an email. 

What Forms Of Payment Do You Accept

We accept Debit, Visa, Or Mastercard

and CASH is always welcomed!


please DO NOT forget.

Do You Tattoo Minors?

You MUST be 18+ even with parental consent! This applies for ALL ARTISTS

We promise it is worth the wait!  

Touch Up Policy/ How To Book

If you are in need of a touch up, we offer a Free touch up on anything that did not heal properly, or healed a bit light during the healing process. Within ONE YEAR AFTER YOUR TATTOO ( keep in mind we need at least 8 weeks before we can do touch ups)

If you did not follow PROPER aftercare, or your tattoo has faded naturally from age , there WILL be a charge for touch ups.